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2017 Home Health Updates

902 KAR 20:081 Operations and services; Home Health Agencies

KHCA filed comments on the State Health Plan relating to several important issues that will impact and affect Home Care in Kentucky.

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907 KAR 17:040 Appeal and administrative hearing post external independent third-party review.

KHCA comments that the regulation limits the scope of the administrative hearing to only the issues raised by the provider in its initial appeal to the MCO.

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TAC-Home Health Technical Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes


Information on the current House and Senate membership can be found at the LRC website:

3-3-17 KHCA.docxCabinet for Health and Family Services

MAC-Advisory Council for Medical Assistance

Meeting Minutes

1-26-17 Agenda 

1-26-17 Memorandum


Legislative Weekly Report

2-10-17 Memorandum

On Wednesday February 8, 2017, governor Bevin gave his State of the Commonwealth address.

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​2-10-17 Memorandum

Legislative Updates


Advocating for Home Care

907 KAR 17:035 External Independent Third Party Review

KHCA requests this bill to amended to require the MCO to state the reason and provide documentation supporting the adverse decision in its notice to providers.

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Advocacy & Legislative Issues